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Michigan Cancer Research Fund (MCRF)

Since 2009 the MCRF has funded 10 research grants for a total of $13M.

The American Cancer Society (ACS) is the largest private funder of cancer research, having more than $403 million currently invested in grants. With its commitment to beginning researchers, the ACS continues to provide substantial cancer research funding across the United States to scientists in the early stages of their careers, ensuring that many of the best young minds choose careers in cancer research.


The ACS has a goal of funding all exceptional research grants received. Presently, ACS is only able to fund about 50% of the top-ranked research projects approved for funding following peer review. As a result, promising researchers and projects that have the potential to reduce the burden of cancer are put on hold due to budget constraints. The shortfall of funding means that innovative cancer research may not be conducted, and the careers of promising young investigators could be in jeopardy. The COVID-19 pandemic, which has impacted virtually every aspect of cancer care and research, has heightened the need to narrow the gap between the number of ACS grant applications approved for funding and those funded.


The ACS cancer-concerned philanthropists created the Michigan Cancer Research Fund (MCRF) in 2008 with the goal of funding ACS approved research projects led by investigators at Michigan-based institutions that would otherwise remain unfunded.

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Current ACS Research Investment In Michigan

Our research goal is simple — find answers that help save lives from cancer. Our strategy for funding research is just as straightforward — fund the most innovative cancer research. In fact, we’ve helped make possible many of the major cancer research breakthroughs since 1946.


Our grants fund high impact research conducted by hundreds of promising scientists and health care professionals—primarily early in their careers—at institutions across the United States.


Our current research investment:
Nationally: 633 grants for a total of $403M
Michigan: 19 research grants for a total of $13M

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