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Welcome Esteemed Chef competitors to the first of many Taste of Hope Chef Competitions. The Taste of Hope event has developed to continue the tradition of gathering chefs and community together to meet in comradery, battle in flame and be victorious through the art of food. All of this is done to support the battles waged at home against cancer. Thank you, chefs, for your commitment to our craft, community and the cessation of cancer. Good luck and may your plates be virtuous!

Chef Stephan VanHeulen

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Best Taste 2022

Chef Oscar Moreno

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Best Booth Design 2023

Chef Joseff VanHorn

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People's Choice  2022

Chef Phong Nguyen

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People's Choice  2023

Best Taste 2023

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Chef Spencer Drudy

Spencer Drudy-010.jpg

Chef Jessica Ann Tyson

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Jessica Ann Tyson-9340.jpg
Stephan vanhulen-017.jpg
Oscar Moreno-012.jpg
Josef Van Horn -011.jpg

Chef John Taylor

John Taylor -012.jpg

Chef Mick Rickerd

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Top Chef 2023

Mick Rickerd -011.jpg

Chef Balal Darwich

Balal Darwich-010.jpg

Chef Sergio Garcia

Sergio Garcia - 9389.jpg

Chef Trimell Hawkins

Trimell Hawkins -009.jpg

Chef Bryan Nader

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Top Chef 2022

Best Plate Presentation 2022

Bryan Nader -3638.jpg

In Memory Of

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of one of our chefs, Chef Alan Thompson from Apache Trout Grill. Chef Alan Thompson won the 2022 Taste of Hope Best Booth Design award. He was a vibrant and talented chef and will be missed by many. 

Interested in becoming a Chef Participant for Taste of Hope: A Chefs Competition? Please email Shawn Kohlhaas at


We recognize that this event wouldn’t happen without the talented Chefs, and that is why we have partnered with the American Culinary Federation to help support students seeking a career in the culinary arts. Students who volunteer for the Taste of Hope event will earn funds for the next generation of up-and-coming chefs. These funds will help provide scholarships to future winners of Taste of Hope: A Chefs Competition.  This year's goal is to provide $5,000 in funds.

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